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Little Fatra is situated in northwest part of Slovakia. The
highest peak of Little Fatra is Veľký Kriváň (1709 m). Little
Fatra is splitted in two parts Kriváňská Fatra and Lúčanská
Fatra, which are separated by valley of river Váh.

Tourist sights
Vrátná Valley
Martinské hole
Velký Rozsutec
Velký Kriváň
Castle Strečno
Šútovský Waterfall
Dolné diery
Horné diery
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Weather and online cameras - Little Fatra
Weather and online cameras
Snow report - Little Fatra
Snow report
ResortSnow pack
Martinské hole30 - 75In operation Th-Su
Snowland Valčianska dolina-Out of operation
Vrátna - Chleb10 - 65In operation Th-Su
Vrátna - Paseky35In operation Th-Su
Vrátna - Poludňový Grúň0 - 35Out of operation
Vrátna - Príslop-Out of operation
Fačkovské sedlo - Kľak10Out of operation
M. Lučivná - BLV1-Out of operation
M. Lučivná - LD-Out of operation
(This snow report was generated at 31.03.15 10:23)
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