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Snow report in the Slovakian mountains
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 High Tatras
   Kubašok - Sp. Bystré-Out of operation
 Litmanová-Out of operation
   Pod Lesom - Dolný Smokovec-Out of operation
 Ski Jezersko-Bachledova35In operation very good
 Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar35In operation very good
   Skipark Vyšné Ružbachy-Out of operation
   Snowpark Lučivná20Out of operation
 Starý Smokovec0 - 10Out of operation
 Strachan Ski Centrum Ždiar55In operation Sa-Su
 Štrbské Pleso80In operation very good
   Svit - Lopušná dolina35In operation Sa
 Tatranská Lomnica45In operation good
   Tatrasvit Lopušná dolina-Out of operation
 Low Tatras
 Čachovo - Selce-Out of operation
 Čertovica - STIV-Out of operation
 Čertovica25In operation Sa-Su
  Chopok Juh - Kosodrevina20 - 55In operation good
  Chopok Juh - Srdiečko20 - 55In operation very good
   Chopok Sever - Biela Púť45In operation very good
 Chopok Sever - Otupné45In operation very good
   Chopok Sever - Záhradky45In operation very good
 Donovaly - Nová hoľa-Out of operation
 Donovaly - Záhradište-Out of operation
 Králiky25In operation Sa-Su
   Krpáčovo-Out of operation
   Liptovská Teplička-Out of operation
 Mýto pod Ďumbierom-Out of operation
   Opalisko - Závažná Poruba30In operation Sa-Su
 Pavčina Lehota-Out of operation
 Polomka - Bučník-Out of operation
 Šachtičky-Out of operation
   Ski Centre Košútka - Hriňová-Out of operation
   Skicentrum Tajov-Out of operation
 Skicentrum Telgárt35In operation very good
 Tále45Out of operation
   Vyšná Boca-Bačova roveň20In operation poor
 Orava Snow - Oravská Lesná-Out of operation
   Racibor - Oravský Podzámok25Out of operation
 Ski Zábava - Hruštín35In operation very good
 Skipark Kubínska hoľa30In operation very good
 West Tatras
 Nižná Uhliská-Out of operation
   Podbanské-Out of operation
 Roháče - Spálená dolina70 - 105In operation very good
   Ski Park Oravice-Out of operation
 SKI Vitanová-Out of operation
   Skicentrum Žiar - Dolinky-Out of operation
 Zuberec - Janovky-Out of operation
   Zuberec - Milotín-Out of operation
 Little Fatra
 Čičmany-Out of operation
  Fačkovské sedlo - Kľak-Out of operation
   M. Lučivná - BLV1-Out of operation
   M. Lučivná - LD-Out of operation
   M. Lučivná - Magura-Out of operation
   Skicentrum Kľačno-Out of operation
 Snowland Valčianska dolina35In operation Sa
 Vrátna - Chleb10 - 65In operation good
 Vrátna - Paseky10 - 35In operation good
   Vrátna - Poludňový Grúň10 - 35Out of operation
 Winter park Martinky50In operation very good
 Big Fatra
 Jasenská dolina35In operation Sa-Su
 Krahule-Out of operation
 Skalka pri Kremnici40In operation good
 Skipark Ružomberok-Out of operation
 Kysucke Beskydy
   Čertov - Lazy pod Makytou-Out of operation
   Kohútka20In operation Sa-Su
   Oščadnica-Out of operation
   Park Snow Veľká Rača25In operation good
   Ski Makov-Out of operation
   SKI Podjavorník-Out of operation
   Ski Ráztoka - Horná Maríková-Out of operation
   Vadičov-Out of operation
 Slovak Paradise
 Jahodná-Out of operation
   Mlynky - Gugeľ-Out of operation
   Mraznica - Hnilčík-Out of operation
 Poráč - Brodok-Out of operation
  Relax Center Plejsy45In operation very good
 Vernár - Studničky-Out of operation
 Levoca Hills
   Ski centre Levoča30In operation very good
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