Slovakian Mountains » Big Fatra » Route - Donovaly - Šachtička

Instructive path Donovaly-Šachtička

This instructive path starts in the Donovaly village and continue via Sachticka to Sasove. It is devided into two parts. We can find it easily, becouse it is a part of green and yellow tourist paths. The first part starts in Donovaly and ends in Sachticka after 12 km. The way is not very difficult. There are 11 stops where you can get to know of enviroment, using it by a man and something from the history. You could finish this part in 4,5 hour without any rush. The second part starts in Sachticka and ends in Sasova. Difference of the elevation is 600 meters, it is shorter than the previous one, approx. 5,5 km and you meet 7 stops with information about ekosystem, some local matter of interests or eko-teaching.

Donovaly can be ranked among a mountain recreation places. It a part of a national park NAPANT nearby a national park Big Fatra in a wide valley between Banska Bystrica town and Ruzomberok town. Donovaly village is a famous centre of winter and sumer sports.

Donovaly´s past starts in 17th century when first settlement springed up. The main source of living was a work in a wood and later in ironworks. During the Second World War this village become a secred centre of partisans and refugee in face of German soldiers. In today´s village you can visit a beautiful Classicism church (1825) originaly furnitured and old unique log-cabin houses with glesse verandes.

In Sachticka we may find a tourist and ski centre accessible by car from Banska Bystrice. The centre offers ski-tows on a nearby hill Panske Dielo. If you prefere cross-country-skiing you would be satisfy as well thanks to many maintained ski-paths.

The whole trip is 11 km long and it will not take more than 4 hours. The outing starts from the village Donovaly in elevation of 960 meters and continue along yellow turist path to Bully and Pri Javore. Than follows the green path to Sedlo Horny and to Sachticka.