Slovakian Mountains » Big Fatra » Route - Králova studňa

Circle trip from Kráľova studňa

A middle-hard trip begans by hotel Kralova studna and continues via Krizna, Salasky, Uplaz and back to the hotel Kralova studna.

Kralova studna is a 1384 meters high area ranked among Slovak national monuments and we can find it under the Krizna peak in the Big Fatra mountains near-by Krazova skala. It is known for its strong spring which is surrounded by a calciphilous vagatation and blow out from coarse-grained scree. Close to this place a mountain hotel with parking and ski-row is situated. The surround is rich in amount of preserve plants.

This high massif is ranked among the most conspicuous peaks in south part of the main ridge on the boarder between Holna and Bralna Fatra. The peak itself is not covered by trees but many types of meadows can be found there. The surround is rich in precious preserve plants. Among the most richest places belong Krizna and Uplazy. There is a wide cleft going from the top. On this ridge the cableway has the destination. Using this cableway from Stare Hory to Turecka tourists safe 750 meters elevation.

The circle trip is 14 km long and takes 5 or 6 hours. It starts by hotel Kralova studna in elevation of 1260 meters and follow along the red path to Kralova studna and to Krizna, next along the blue one to Liska. From that point we choose the yellow one to Salasky, than along the green one to Ramizna and Uplaz to Kralova studna and back to the hotel.