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From Lubochňa to Černová

This trip is ranked among the middle-difficult ones. It starts in the village Lubochna, continues via Sedlo pod Cervenym Grunom to Cernova.

Lubochna is a small village set in 445 meters above sea level and 12 km from Ruzomberok. Turists seek this place for a large spa park, a sport stadium, an open-air swimming pool, tennis courts and thanks to ski center with many ski-tows in surrounds. Above the Lubochna village there are an archeological finding place of bronze and Roman coins. If you are interested in architecture buildings, don´t miss the Kollar house with 150 years old linden (the calibre is unbeliavable 160 cm and the height is 25 meters). Other place to visit is a waterplant from 1904, lately reconstrukted in 1993.

Cernova is a part of Ruzomberok, westward from the centre. The first reference is from 1376. Nowadays, Certova is devided into two parts, the old and the new area. The old one is more popular thanks to birth-place of Andrej Hlinka. In 1907 17 citizens had been shot during consecration of church. They struggled against Hungarian oppression. This church have been lately pronounced as a national monument and a historical place.

The whole lenght of the trip is 15 km, from 5 to 6 hours on foot. The way starts in the village Lubochna in elevation of 451 meters and follows along blue tourist path to Sedlo Polana, Sedlo pod Cervenym Grunom and next along the green path to a place called Na Jame in the village Cernova (480 meters above sea level). The highest point of this trip is in elevation of 1020 meters.

Ružomberok and Liptovská Fold