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Trip to Rysy

The trip is considered as a very hard that´s why only the most trained should decide for it. It begans by Strbske pleso via Popradske pleso to Rysy.

This is the rushest and the most famous mountain lake in the Vysoke Tatry mountains. The area is 1346 meters above sea level. Ancient inhabitants had been working as wood workers, shephards, coal-men, herbalists. There is a one matter of interest from that time. Local people wanted to discharged today´s Strbske pleso in order to get a new meadows. Since the end of 19th century the lake have been artificially fill with fish. The lake´s water had been so clear that local people had broked ice during winter which had been sent to Berlin or to Budapest.

Popradske pleso can be found in western Vysoke Tatry mountains in central Mengusovska dolina (dell). It is a common starting point for an outing to Rysy which are famous for its beautifull sceneric view. Or you can set off towards Mengusovska dolina for a trip. The easiest way how to get to Popradske pleso is from Strbske pleso along a signed route. It will not take you longer than 2 hours of a slow walk. Once you are there you may visit Symbolicky cintorin. It is a cemetery of victims who have died during a mountain accident. The cemetery is a good warning against a hiden dangerous of this mountains. The plenty of graves are a sad proof of it.

Rysy are set right between boarders of Slovak republik and Poland. The mountain is 2499 meters high above sea level and has three peaks. But the middle one is considered as the main one, than the lowest south-eastern top and the last one, called the „observation peak“ thank to its magnificent view. For most of tourist Rysy has the nicest view towards all cardinal points. That´s why Rysy mountain are the second most visited place in the Vysoke Tatry mountains (the first one is Lomnicky stit)

The whole trip is 19 km long, 6 or 7 hours walk. The elevation of our starting point at Strbske pleso is 1355 meters. From there we have to follow the yellow tourist path to Helios then we change it to red one to Rozcesti u Triganu and to Popradske pleso. From Popradske pleso we should go along the blue one to the point where a red path cross it. For the last part of our trip we have to choose this red path which heads toward Chata pod Rysy and Rysy.

Strbske pleso
Popradske pleso