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Trip to the magnificent waterfalls of Studeny potok

Stary Smokovec is one of the oldest Tatra´s touristic centres. We can find it on a slope of the Slavkovsky stit. The town is well-known owning to Smokovska mineral water. The history of this place has started when a gamekeeper´s lodge and hunting chalet had been built in that place. It was about 1890. Since 19th century the place has been open to public thanks to Juraj Rainer who allowed the access. There is a great dominant of today´s Stary Smokovec. It is a building of Grandhotel built in 1904 by a a Budapest´s architect.

The waterfalls are ranked among other uniqueness of this mountains. You can easily find them owning to many tourists signed paths in surrounds. The waterfalls are set between Rainerova and Bilkova chatas (chalets) in a magnificent area. The nicest ones are Maly and Velky vodopad and Dlouhy vodopad.

The whole trip is not longer than 7 km or 2 hours on foot. You can set off from Stary Smokovec (1000 meters above sea level) than go along a green tourist path via Hrebienok to the waterfalls which are 1250 meters above sea level. If you still follow the green path you will go back to Hrebienok and Stary Smokovec.

Stary Smokovec
Waterfalls of Studeny potok