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Outing to Biely potok

This middle demanding trip starts from the village Stefanovej and continues to Biely potok. Biely potok is a small village located by the border of the Little Fatra national park. Many tourist set off their walk here owning to a significant blue tourist path which goes via Horne and Dolne Diery to the saddle Medzirozsutce. But for us the Biely potok village is the destination.

The trip is 4,5 km long, 2 hour on foot. The route start in Stefanovej (625 meters above sea level) and goes along yellow path to the saddle Vrchpodziar which worth looking through, it is the nicest part of out walk. From there we go via Podziar to Ostravna from there along blue signed path to the village Biely potok (580 meters above sea level).

Dolné diery
Horné diery