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Trip to Velký Kriváň

The middle-hard trip comes out from the Surovo village located by the water line of Krpelany lake and heads to Velky Krivan. From there goes back to the start. During the trip the route passes the Sutovsky waterfalls.

Sutovsky vodopad is a magnificent waterfall which falls down approx. 30 meters. The waterfall is set in the river Sut in Sutovska dolina, 30 km from Martin. The access is possible by car from the village Sutovo. If you choose to go on foot and prefere easy outing, we recommend to go along the route from Rieka.

Velky Krivan is a dominant peak of the Little Fatra mountains, the highest one. It is in sight from a great distance, it measures 1709 meters. It is a symbol of national existence and faith. The very first climb to the top is dated on 4th August 1772. The „national wakes“ have taken place here since 1841. Under the peak gold ore had been mined. We may climb to this beautiful peak easily along red signed ridgeway or by local cableway from Vratna, Snilovske sedlo.

The total lenght of the course is approximately 22 km which means 9 hour walk in this case. The trip starts in Stutovo (460 meters above sea level) and continue along the blue path to Sutovsky waterfall and tha Chata pod Chlebom (the Chalet under the Chleb peak). From there it follows the green tourist path to Snilovske sedlo, along red path to Velky Krivan (1708 m). We come back to our start along the same way.

Among the nicest places of our trip ranks Sutovsky waterfall and Mojzisovy rameny (the Springs of Moses) where water flows out from a vertical rock face and drip right to Sutovsky river.

Šútovský Waterfall
Velký Kriváň