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Trip to the village Vrutky

This middle hard trip starts by the castle Kunerad and its destination is in the village Vrutky.

The castle Kunerad is located 2 km from the village Kunerad between Ziliaska kotlina (dell) and Lucanska Little Fatra. The castle was finished in 1916 in the Seccession style with two towers and terraces. During the Slovak National uprising it was a basement of partisans soldiers and was lately burned out by Hitler´s soldiers. After the Second World War the castle was reconstructed and today serve as a medical institution. There are plenty of childer camp near-by.

The village Vrutky lies close to the place where the Turec river goes into the Vah river, approximately 5 km north from the historical Martin town. The first reference about this town was dated in 1255, when it was well-known health care area. But the great advancement set in after a building of the railwayline from Kosice to Bohumin and Zvolenske in 1970. This village is historically significant becouse of the strong centre of local worker´s union. Nowaday´s the village offers wide choice of accommodation, down-hill courses and a swimming pool.

The whole lenght of the trip is 22 km, it would not take longer than 9 hours walk. It starts by Kunerad in the elevation of 494 meters above sea level and continues along the blue path to Velka Louka- this section is the hardest one. From that point we follow the red path to Krizava (1457 m), Pod Krizavou and Mincol. The last part of the route is yellow signed and finishes in the elevation 382 meters above sea level.

Chateau Kunerad