Slovakian Mountains » Low Tatras » Route - Demänovská Valley

Trip towards a beauty of Demanovská Valley

The outing begins at Lukova and continue via Vrbicke sedlo (saddle) towards Demanovska cave.

Lukova is a stop of a local cableway and significant crossroutes of tourist signed paths. The place is very rush. The Vrbicke pleso is set in Demanovska dolina and is the only one mountain lake in this slovak mountains. The lake is popular for its crystal pure water in which beautiful rock massifs are mirrored but plenty of historical sights surround this place: a Jewish synagoge, a local historical museum of J. Krala, St. Nicolas church. Tle visit of open-air museum in Vlkolínec and Church of St. Cross made whole from wood are realy worth it as well.

Demanovksa cave is in Demanovska valley which is considered as one of the nicest valley in Low Tatras with lenght of 15 km It begins among peaks Krupova Hola (1927 m), Dumbier (2043 m ), Chopok (2024 m) and Derese (2004 m ). The whole trip is 8 km long which is approximately 3 hours walk- this trip is ranked among the really easy ones. So, start at Lukova, follow red path to „Tri vody“ next along yellow signs to Vrbicke pleso and Demanovska jeskyne.

Vrbické Mountain Lake
Demänovská Valley
Demänovská Cave