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Trip to Telgárt

The trip starts in a small vilage Pohorela which lies in a valley under the Low Tatras mountains and continues via Zdiarske sedlo (saddle) to Telgart peak.

You can find the village in the east part of the Low Tatras mountains. It is considered as a beginning of Low Tatras´ ridgeway. If you decide to finish your trip here than a local railway connection comes useful.

A total lenght of a trip is 20 km, a time of walk shouldn´t be longer than 7 hours. The starting point, Pohorela, is 764 meters above sea level. From there continue along blue tourist path to a place called „Po Uplaznikom“, than we change the colour to yellow which lead to Andrejcova. The last part of a trip a red signs will lead us to Zdiarske sedlo (saddle), Krazova hoza and to Telgart (881 meters above sea level). The level of this trip is intermediate hard, the highest place on a route is Krazova hoze (1946 meters above sea level)