Slovakian Mountains » Low Tatras » Route - Vrbické Mountain Lake - Chopok

Trip from Vrbické Mountain Lake to Chopok peak

A modest route goes from Demanovska dolina (dell) exactly from Vrbicke pleso (mountain lake) and heads towards the second highest peak on the main ridge oh the Low Tatras mountains, to Chopok.

The Vrbicke pleso is one of the rushest place in the Low Tatras mountains. It is the only one mountain lake in this slovak mountains. The lake is popular for its crystal pure water in which beautiful rock massifs are mirrored but plenty of historical sights surround this place: a Jewish synagoge, a local historical museum of J. Krala, St. Nicolas church. Tle visit of open-air museum in Vlkolínec and Church of St. Cross made whole from wood are realy worth it as well.

Chopok is the second highest peak on the main ridge of Low Tatras (2024 meters above sea level), between Deres and Konske peaks. From the south side it is possible to see boulder field and from the north sheer rock faces with numerous troughs, which on the northeast lead to the basin of Lukova dolina with its mountain lake and sediment. You can reach it easily with a chair-lift from Srdecko (Bystra Dolina). The other possible way goes from Demanovska dolina.

The whole trip is not longer than 19 km, the time of walk is approximately 7 hours. We set off from Vrbicke pleso (1120 m. above sea level) and continue along blue tourist path to Lukova and Chopok. After that along red signs to Derese, Polana saddle, Krizove saddle, Kotlinska and we finish at the high of 1889 meters at Polana peak. We pass the highest peak already during our journey. It is the Chopok peak.

Vrbické Mountain Lake