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Trip from Cingov to Dedinky

The middle-hard trip starts in Cingov via Geravy to Dedinky.

Cingov is set in a wide valley of Hornad river and ranks among the most significant centres of turism in Slovak Paradise. It is an important archeological finding-place, which proofs some historical theories about settlement in east Slovakia. The easiest possibility how to get there is to take a bus from Spisska Nova Ves. Cingov is a very suitable starting point for a further trip. A lot of interesting places surroung Cingov, like Tomasovsky vyhled, Kosiarny briezok, Podlesok or a lovely dell of Biely potok.

Geravy is a wide water plateau in south Slovak Paradise and is interesting above all for its surface karst formations. The village Dedinky can be reached from Banska Bystrica via Dobsinska ladova jeskyna (ice-cave) or Margecany. Next possibility is to take a bus from Poprad via Vernar. Dedinky lies in Hnilce dell under Gerava plateaus. You can visit an interesting Baroque-Classicism church built in 1853 or go for a trip to Klastorisko (via Sokoli dolina or Kysel) or to Cingov (via Biely potok).

This middle-hard trip can be managed during 6 hours. It starts in central Cingov. Than we continue along a wide pavement to a post of orientation at the Biely potok´s mouth to Hornad where we turn to a route which goes to Biely potok valley to Kysel´s mouth than towards via Sokolna dolina (dell) to Klauzy water-reservoir. From there we walk to Turnicke sedlo and to a meeting of ways called Predny Hyl. Next part of trip leads us toward a Gerava chair-lift. From its top station we go down along the chair-lift to Dedinky.

Sokolí Valley
Dedinky and Palcmanská Maša



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