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Trip from Cingov to Letanovsky mlyn

A middle hard trip starts by the tourist centre Cingov leads via Tomasovsky view to Letanovsky mlyn.

Cingov is set in a wide valley of Hornad river and ranks among the most significant centres of turism in Slovak Paradise. It is an important archeological finding-place, which proofs some historical theories about settlement in east Slovakia. The easiest possibility how to get there is to take a bus from Spisska Nova Ves. Cingov is a very suitable starting point for further trip. A lot of interesting places surroung Cingov, like Tomasovsky vyhled, Kosiarny briezok, Podlesok or a lovely dell of Biely potok.

Tomasovsky view (otherways known as a „rock gallery) can be found out on a south slope of Ludmanka. Potencial trip may start from Smizany, Spissky Tomasovec, and from Spisska Nova Ves towns. Thanks to its marvellous view of Prielom Hornadu and the Vysoke Tatry mountains is Tomasovsky view a much-sought-for place in Slovak Paradise. This place is very popular among mountaineers for good climbing conditions, mountaineer´s trainings and competitions.

The trip isn´t easy but not longer than 2 or 3 hours. We set off from central part of Cingov and continue through slight rise to a tourist centre of Cingov- Dzurkovec. Than we pass a Poniklec restaurant along a wood path to a small meadow. After that we cross a pavement in a south face which ends with a modest rise to Tomasovsky vyhled. Next direction leads to the west to a ridge and than through a wood to a Trsteny potok valley where is our destination Letanovsky mlyn (mill).

Tomašovský view



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