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Trip from Podlesok to Klastorisko

This easy trip goes from Podlesok via Hornad to Klastorisko.

Podlesok is a turistic centre opened all year around situated in a valley of Bila voda by the mouth of Sucha Bela. You can get there from Zilina or Kosice by train( the train stop has name Hrabusice- Vydrnik) or by bus from Spisska Nova Ves (16 km away).Podleskok is a strarting point for a lot of possible trips to north-west part of Slovak Paradise. In the tourist centre an accommodation and a canteen is available along with a buffet a campsite, tennis and volleyball courts. A plenty of pleasant walks offers this place leading to Sucha Bila, to Letanovsky mlyn or Velky Sokol and many more.

Klastorska roklina is located close to well-known tourist points like Tomasovsky vyhlad (view) or Prielom Hornadu. You can get there from Smizany od Spisska Nova Ves. The river has created a canyon, which has been known for a long time, but not before 1960 it has been open to public visits. A big step towards opening the clough was a building of a new cableway from Klastorska roklina to Hornad.

The trip is relatively modest, it will not take more than 2 hours walk. We start by a post of orientation where Sucha Bila river emptys into Velka Bila river continue to the east to Spisska Koliba restauration than towards rock formation nearby a children camp Radost. After that point the way goes through undulating landscape to Prielom Hornadu and to meeting of roads under Klastorisko. The last part leads us along a wood path to our destination- Klastorisko.

Kláštorská Valley



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