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nadmorska_vyska  altitude:  980-1320 m.

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Location and access

Ski resort is located nearby village Telgart in the mountains of Lower Tatra (south side), under Kráľova hoľa hill. GPS: 48°50'59.099"N, 20°12'15.139"E

Equipment and services

There are 7 skilifts available, 10 ski slopes. The longest one, Tresnik I. ski slope – 1500m is approved by certificate FIS. Three skislopes are covered with artificial snow in case of lack of snowy days. Ski Telgárt offers the possibility to eat in restaurant, drink a cup of coffee in the coffeshop or enjoy a spectacular view of Kráľova Hola in Snowbar that with good... more >>

Working Hours

9.00 - 16.00

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