Cottage Zliensky

Cottage Zliensky

Type of object:Cottage
Place:Terchová, Štefanová
Address:Śtefanová 1282, 01306 Terchová
Phone:+421 (0)41-569 5432, +421 (0)902 137 623
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Capacity:12 beds

Position and access:
The cottage is situated 5km from the village Terchova, in pictoresque milieu of National Park Mala Fatra (Little Fatra), in small village Stefanova.

Equipment and services:
We offer 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen (use also as comon room). Garden with possibility of barbecue in summer house or fry on fire place. Total capacity of the cottage is 12 beds - rooms 1x four-beded room (double bed and storey bed), 2x triple room, 1x double room. Internet in whole cottage and TV in rooms. Pets are NOT allowed.

Recreation and services in surroundings:
Accommodation is ideal for families with children or for groups of young people. In summer hiking in mountains, in winter skiing in ski centre Vratna.

Franchisee: Helena Muráňová Information are from: Helena Muráňová

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