Hotel Slovak Paradise

Hotel Slovak Paradise

Type of object:Hotel
Address:Hrabušice - Majer 492, PSČ 053 15
Phone:+421 (0)53-44 90 494, +421 (0)905 858 835
Fax:+421 (0)53-44 90 494
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Capacity:37 beds

Position and access:
The newly built hotel is situated in the lap of a wonderful countryside, forming the entrance gate into the Slovak Paradies National Park near the village Hrabušice.

Equipment and services:
The hotel offers two 4-bed suites, five 2=bed rooms (additional beds possible) and eight 2-bed rooms. It has a modern restaurant and café. For special occasions there is the blue reception room. The guests have at their disposal a swimming pool, a sauna and a fitness centre. Hotel Slovensky Raj offer for rent self-contained cottage in the beateous background, in ... more >>

Recreation and services in surroundings:
The hotel's surroundings make it possible to spend here an unforgettable holiday in all season of the year. In winter you can go skiing in the nearby ski centres Plejsy, Poráč and Mlynky, or some of the numerous tourist centres in the High Tatras. In summer there are plentiful possibilities of hiking in the Slovak Paradise or in the High Tatras. In Summer there are ... more >>

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