Wooden cottage BRUNDZOVCE, Čičmany


Wooden cottage BRUNDZOVCE, Čičmany

Type of object:Cottage
Above sea level:655 m.
Address:Čičmany č.domu 135, 013 17 Čičmany
Phone:+421 (0)903 814 551
E-mail:   ( send email )
Web address:www.cicmany.info

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Capacity:17 beds

Position and access:
Cicmany village, district of Zilina, Zilina Region - valley Rajecka Dolina, mountains Strazovske vrchy and Mala Fatra (Little Fatra). Access from Zilina through Rajec direction of Prievidza, after the village Fackov turn to Cicmany. Access from Bratislava - highway to Ilava, exit to Ilava, direction of Povazska Bystrica, in Kosec turn to Zliechov, after this village ... more >>

Equipment and services:
Wooden cottage BRUNDZOVCE has been built in the year 2003. Nevertheless, its history runs through much further. Wooden part has been built from the material of 100 years old wooden cottage. The cottage offers romantic atmosphere associated with the comfort of present time. Wooden cottage BRUNDZOVCE offers accommodation in two separate apartments with high standard ... more >>

Recreation and services in surroundings:
Spa Rajecke Teplice 25km, Slovak Bethlehem - Rajecka Lesna 12km, chateau + spa + ZOO Bojnice 40km, chateau Kunerad 25km, hill Strazov - 4 hours hiking, mountain Klak, Fackov saddle - 4 hours hiking, ski resort Javorinka, Cicmany - 500m, and many others

Franchisee: Ing. Peter GOMOLA - DEJAG Information are from: Peter GOMOLA

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