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Mountain Babia hora

Babia hora (1725 m) is the highest mountain of Oravské Beskydy (Oravské Beskids). This national nature reserve covers an area of 5,3 km2. It is situated on the border between Slovakia and Poland - on the Slovak side in the protected landscape area Horná Orava (Upper Orava), and on the Polish side in the national park Babiogorski (Babiogórski Park Narodowy).

Babia hora rises between the peaks of Little Babia hora (1517 m) and Kępa (1521 m). To altitude 1 450 meters above sea level are dense coniferous forests. Its is changed a zone with pine and juniper and in the highest locations appears the zone with alpine meadows.

From the peak Babia hora can be seen ridges of Čergov, Pieniny, Belianské Tatras, High Tatras, West Tatras, Chočské vrchy (with dominating Velký Choč), Malá Fatra (Rozsutec), Velká Fatra (Čierny kamen, Ploska) or Low Tatras. On top of Babia hora there is a monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

The best starting point is the village Slaná Voda near Oravská Polhora.