Zuberec is these days important centre of tourism. Zuberec and Roháče mountains are year after year the place for holiday and relax for growing number of visitors. In the summer is Zuberec sought by hikers and tourists who admire walking in the countryside that means magnificent views from the mountain ranges of Roháče or crystal clear water of Roháče lakes. In the winter it is skiing on the slopes of Spalena, Milotin and Janovky with well maintained routes backed by artificial snow systems offering evening skiing, refreshment and regulary maintained cross country skiing tracks.

To staying in Zuberec also belongs the visit of the Museum of Orava village in Brestova. This outdoor museum is meant to be the most beautiful museum of folk architecture in Europe. It is built on the banks of the rough river Studeny potok making an impression of really living village from the end of 19-th century.

Every year is in Zuberec groving number accommodation, restaurants, shops, sports facilities and other services supporting tourism as well as cultural and sports events. (text from www pages of village)

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