Guide Liptovské Revúce

Tourist attractions

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- km   Liptovské Revúce   Map  Weather Hotel Smrekovica
5 km   Borišov   Map
5 km   Motyčky   Map
5 km   Route - Donovaly - Šachtička   Map
5 km   Nature Trail Big Fatra   Map
6 km   Revúcka Valley   Map
6 km   Donovaly   Map  Online camera Online camera Weather Donovaly
6 km   Ostredok   Map
6 km   Dolný Jelenec   Map
7 km   Krížna   Map
7 km   Lubochnianská Valley   Map
7 km   Route - Králova studňa   Map
9 km   Rakytov   Map
9 km   Turecká   Map  Weather Krížna - Turecká
10 km   Králova studňa   Map
10 km   Kozí chrbát   Map
11 km   Lysec   Map
12 km   Gaderská Valley   Map
12 km   Brankovský Waterfall   Map
12 km   Šachtičky   Map
13 km   Horná Túfna   Map
14 km   Doggerské Rocks   Map
14 km   Dolný Harmanec   Map
14 km   Moštenica   Map
15 km   Žarnovická Valley   Map
15 km   Vlkolínec   Map
16 km   Klak   Map
16 km   Malinné   Map
16 km   Necpaly   Map
17 km   Banská Bystrica   Map  Online camera Online camera Weather Banská Bystrica
18 km   Blatnica   Map
18 km   Sklabinský Podzámok   Map
18 km   Ružomberok   Map  Online camera Weather Ružomberok
19 km   Castle Sklabiňa   Map

Skicentres and funiculars

PARK SNOW Donovaly
PARK SNOW Donovaly - Great mountains view, great skiing conditions, adrenaline rush. There are more than 11 km of regularly adjusted ski runs and more than 7km of 17 downhill runs with whole capacity 14 100 person/hour, artificially covered with snow, night skiing,...
Type: Ski centre, Place: Donovaly    Map   Online camera
SKI Turecká
SKI Turecká - The Ski Turecká areal offers sport, recreational and tourist possibility under the top of mountain Krížna /1574 a.s.l./ in national park Velka Fatra, 18 km from Banska Bystrica direction to Ruzomberok.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Turecká    Map
Ski centre Šachtičky
Ski centre Šachtičky - Ski resort is situated 10km from the centre of Banska Bystrice. Resort is ideal for beginners and also for advanced skiers.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Šachtičky    Map   Online camera
Ski centre Jasenská dolina
Ski centre Jasenská dolina - The JASED company runs the ski resorts KAŠOVÁ in the Jasenská dolina valley. JASENSKÁ DOLINA is one of the best known valleys in the Veľká Fatra Mountain range. It lies 12 km to the south-east of Martin, next to the village Belá-Dulice. It is frequented by visitors all the year round.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Jasenská dolina    Map   Online camera
Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo
Ružomberok – Malinô Brdo - Modern ski resort Ski Park Ruzomberok, which is situated over the town Ruzomberok offers great skiing conditions.
Type: Ski centre, Place: Ružomberok    Map   Online camera